Vista and Windows 7 problems


Vista and Windows 7 problems

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By introducing Windows Vista, Microsoft created a royal pain in the butt for their users - but the worst annoyances seem to be ironed out in Windows 7.


If you are experiencing problems running TV2003 under Vista or Windows 7, please update TV2003 or:


1.Make sure you are running TV2003 Version 02134A or newer (all versions released after June 2007). Older version will not run on Vista and probably not on Win7 either.

2.Run the program as administrator (right click the TitleVision icon and select "run as administrator".) To make this permanent, right click the icon, select "properties", press the "advanced" button, and follow the instructions.

3.If this does not do the trick, try unregistering and registering again. This usually helps if you have accidentally tried to install an obsolete TV2003 version earlier on.


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