Registration problems

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If you get the message "TitleVision has not been registered. Key does not match":

You may have skipped registration during installation

You may have an evaluation version that has expired

You may have an outdated version of the registration software

You may have logged on as a user with limited rights

You may have overwritten the program with an older version. Never install older versions without unregistering first! Or better yet: Never install older versions. Why should you?

You may have run the program on a Vista or Win7 System as non-administrator

You may have made crucial changes in your computer:

Flashing of BIOS

Change or formatting of hard drive

Change of OS


Try running Start/Programs/TitleVision/Register Online. State your name and serial.

If the "Unregister" button shows, click it. If the unregistration is successful, register again.

If the "Register" button shows, click it. If you can't register, contact TitleVision.


If you can't get in touch with TitleVision's server:

1.Check that you are connected to the World Wide Web

2.Check that your firewall doesn't block the "Setuphardware2011.exe" program.

3.Contact TitleVision. The server might be down.


If you have mislaid your serial number:

XP: Get it from c:\Users\All users\titlevision2011\global configuration.txt

Vista, Win7, Win 8: Get it from C:\Users\All Users\Titlevision 2011\global configuration.txt

Get it from Sub Machine's Options/Help/about window

Contact TitleVision. We'll mail it to you.


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