Problems viewing test file

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The test file, videoclip1.avi, which is part of the initial setup zip file downloaded from our server, is compressed with Microsoft's MPEG-4 V2 codec, which is a good way to make supercompressed video clips with scene change detection capabilities.


The easiest way to use it is to convert it. One reason we've compressed it with MPEG-4 is to show you how efficient our in-built converter actually is.


If you insist on using it without converting it first, you must have a fast Directshow MPEG-4 codec filter installed. We recommend that you install the LAV codecs or the freeware program FFDshow, downloadable from


If you are still having trouble framestepping after installing Ffdshow, please select Options/Setup/video configuration/scene change and tick the "enable scene change detection" box, then restart the program.